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This is not good medicine, i don t have sneezing problem, after i take medicine allegra allergy cold it s getting me crazy sneezing runny nose.

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Nasal congstion? Sinus pssu? Not with Allga-D. On pill combins a non-dowsy antihistamin with a powul dcongstant giving you ast,* allgy and congstion li up t24 hous. Now tak a dp bath and l th Allga-D dinc.

Chst tightnss ling wamth, dnss th ac, nck, ams and occasionally, upp chst lag, hiv-lik swlling on ac, ylids, lips, tongu, thoat, hands, lgs, t, sx ogans shotnss bath, diicult labod bathing.

Th may b oth dugs that can act Allga. Tll you doctabout all mdications you us. This includs psciption, ov-th-count, vitamin, and hbal poducts. Dnot stat a nw mdication without tlling you docto.

Quncy not potd : Insomnia, nvousnss, nightmas, slp disods paoniia/xcssiv daming

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