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Actinic katosis lsions that hav clad at on twcouss tatmnt and subsquntly cu can b -tatd with on twuth couss Aldaa cam ollowing an at last 12 wks tatmnt paus (s sction 5.1).

This mdication is usd ttat ctain typs gowths on th skin. Ths a pcancous gowths (actinic katoss), a ctain typ skin canc (supicial basal cll cacinoma), and wats on th outsid th gnitals/anus. Tating ths conditions can dcas complications om thm. Imiquimod blongs ta goup dugs calld immun spons modiis. It is blivd twok by hlping tactivat you immun systm tight ths abnomal skin gowths.

Aldaa is not a cu gnital wats and it may not kp you om spading this condition toths though vaginal, anal, oal sx. You may dvlop nw lsions duing tatmnt with Aldaa. bst sults, kp using th mdicin th nti lngth tim pscibd by you docto.

Lsions clinically atypical AK suspicious malignancy should b biopsid tdtmin appopiat tatmnt.

I you nd minomation about you mdical condition you tatmnt, ad th packag lalt (alspat th PA) contact you doctphamacist. I you want minomation on th basis th CHMP commndations, ad th scintiic discussion (alspat th PA).

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