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Femara can harm an unborn baby or cause birth defectsDo not use if you are pregnant.

Before the treatment startsyou will have blood tests2-4 teaspoonsCT scans of your chest and abdomenand a bone scanBlood tests2-4 teaspoonswill be repeated every week for 4 weeks and then every month for the length of the studyThe blood tests are done to evaluate how the drug affects breast cancer related markers in the bloodThese blood tests will be done at screeningand then at Months 2 and 4The CT scans will be repeated every 2 months as is standard for your care.

Letrozole is a drug used as hormone therapy for the treatment of breast cancerand included in a group of drugs called aromatase inhibitors due to its mechanism of actionEstrogen and progesterone are female sex hormones that promote cancer growthWhile in menstruating womenthese hormones are produced in the ovariesin menopausal womenit is produced in the fat tissue through a process known as aromataseThereforeletrozole interferes with this process in order to decrease the levels of estrogen in the body andconsequentlystop or slow down cancer growthor decrease the probability of cancer recurrence after surgeryLetrozole is only effective in hormone sensitive or hormone receptor positive breast cancer and its use is limited to women after menopause.

Letrozole is available through retail or mail order pharmacyYour oncology team will work with your prescription drug plan to identify an in-networkretail or mail order pharmacy for medication distribution.

The optimal duration of treatment with Femara is not knownTreatment should be discontinued if there is a tumor relapse.

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