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Coumadinwarfarinis an anticoagulantblood thinnerWarfarin reduces the formation of blood clots.

Avoid making any changes in your diet without first talking to your doctorFoods that are high in vitamin Kliverleafy green vegetablesor vegetable oilscan make warfarin less effectiveIf these foods are part of your dieteat a consistent amount on a weekly basis.

In a prospectiverandomizedopen-labelpositive-controlled study in 254 patients with mechanical prosthetic heart valvesthe thromboembolic-free interval was found to be significantly greater in patients treated with warfarin alone compared with dipyridamole/aspirin-treated patientsp.

If you’re planning to get pregnanttalk with your doctor about the problems you could have and what you can do to have a baby safely.

Frequency not reportedJaundicehepatic dysfunctionhepatitischolestatic hepatic injuryliver enzymes elevatedRef]

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