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Lactose and gluten intolerance is the most common digestion disorderwhere the person lacks the means to digest lactosefound in milk productsand glutenfound in cerealsThe symptoms may range from slight stomach ache and bloating to diarrheaintestinal crampsand blood in stoolGenerallythe intolerance does not manifest suddenlybut only after eating the relevant foods in large quantities frequently for a long time.

Testing Performing the lactose and gluten intolerance testsAnalysis and explanation of the results Analysis and explanation of the results at a nutritional consulting sessionYour personal complaints will be discussedRecommendations for nutrition These recommendations include a list of foods which you should moderate or avoidand a list of foods you can eat without limitationsConsultation with a nutritional consultant or a GP Nutritional consultation for explaining the principles of healthy nutrition based on your individual needs.

Lactose intolerance is a widespread metabolic disorder where the body is unable to digest milk sugar or lactose due to the lack of or the absence of lactase enzymes for digestionThe lactose remains undigested and cannot be absorbedLactose intolerance causes abdominal pain and crampswindabdominal gas and diarrhea.

Everyone has a unique digestive and immune systemIndividual differences may cause intolerance to some foods.

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