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I had got on bactrim for a skin infection from a bite on my left upper thigh i was on it for 9 days it was 10 day supply did ok then on the 9th day of taking it after my night dose my throat started getting to where it was hard to swallow an i star – 70 more.

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Th may b an incasd isk sv advs actions in ldly patints, paticulaly whn complicating conditions xist, .g., impaid kidny and/liv unction, concomitant us oth dugs.

Th most common advs actions a gastointstinal distubancs (nausa, vomiting, and anoxia) and allgic skin actions (such as ash and uticaia).

BACTIM may caus tal ham i administd ta pgnant woman. Som pidmiologic studis suggst that xposu tBACTIM duing pgnancy may b associatd with an incasd isk congnital malomations, paticulaly nual tub dcts, cadiovascula abnomalitis, uinay tact dcts, oal clts, and club oot [s Human Data ].

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